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Why Mounting Your Military Medals Is a Great Idea

Military medals come in all shapes and sizes – bronze star, purple heart, medal of freedom and so on. If you have received any of these, that is truly a great honor. You have risked life and limb for your country, so it’s only fitting that those medals are mounted for everyone else to see and you to take pride in.

Then again, while you can always do the mounting yourself, sometimes, you just don’t have the right equipment or time or let alone interest in doing this type of job. Still, that’s not a reason not mount those well-deserved medals . There are, after all, many professional medal mounting services available today. As you explore your options, consider these worthwhile reasons for getting those meals mounted:

To Display

Perhaps the most obvious reason for mounting your medals is of course being able to display them. As we have mentioned earlier, it’s a big honor to receive even just one, and that makes for more than enough reason to have it as a centerpiece of your living room, your office or anywhere you want to hang it up on a wall.

To Organize Your Medals

There is probably no other more practical reason to mount your medals than to simply organize them.
You can sort these honors by the missions you’ve completed, any distinct reasons for the recognition, and so on. Sometimes, when you’re getting older, you may not be able to remember the specific details
anymore. Putting your medals together in a logical way can help you piece those memories together, no
matter much you age.

To Inspire Others

You may have served in the military, but many others are still about to offer the same sacrifice to their beloved country. By mounting your medals, you inspire those who see it. It is your contribution to building their strength of character as they prepare for this great challenge. You’ll never know how seeing those medals with a sense of the owner’s pride can give them a courage boost.

As a Reminder of Your Service

Many people mount their meals to share these with others, but for some people, it’s about cherishing memories of their experiences while in the service. You can look at that display as a loving reminder of how that period in your life helped shape who you are today.

To Pass on to Future Generations in the Family Heirloom

Finally, those ribbons you have earned should live on beyond your time, and what better way to do that than to give them a perfect storage environment by mounting them. Your grandchildren and their children and their grandchildren and so on, will have a great memory of you to cherish. Your mounted medal or meals will serve as a living reminder of all that you’ve done for your nation and the honor that you have brought to your name across the generations.

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